The OpenOBEX Project is the foundation for many interesting applications. Here is a list which should give you some impression on OpenOBEX usability and a quick start.

ObexFTP - transfer files to/from any OBEX enabled device (most likely mobiles)

ObexTool - nice gui frontend to ObexFTP

IrCp - transfer files via IrDA the OBEX way (OpenOBEX sample app.)

gObexFTP - prototype GTK ObexFTP Client (draft)

vfs-obexftp - prototype GNOME VFS Module (draft)

ObexFS - prototype FUSE based filesystem (draft)


There are many other projects concerning OBEX and mobile phone data transfer. Here are just some more recent ones.

MyT68 - theme your T68 (alpha)

t68tool - backup your T68 (alpha)

dku2_nokia - communicate from your PC to your Nokia mobile phone (has its own OBEX stack)

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